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Savour the Flavours: The Perfect Pairing of Red Wine and Tapas

Red wine and tapas are a classic combination that can elevate any dining experience. Our tapas of small plates of food that are to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family can range from simple dishes like olives and nuts to more complex ones like paella, chorizo in sidra, cassoulet and many more.

One of the reasons red wine and tapas pair so well together is that red wine has bold and robust flavours that complement the variety of flavours in tapas. The acidity in red wine can cut through the richness of dishes like chorizo and queso, while the tannins in red wine can help to balance the flavours of dishes like meatballs and patatas bravas.

One popular red wine to pair with tapas is Tempranillo. This wine is made from the Tempranillo grape and is known for its dark fruit flavours, like black cherry and plum, as well as its subtle notes of spice and leather. Tempranillo is also known for its moderate acidity and tannins, making it a great pairing for a variety of tapas dishes.

Another great red wine to pair with tapas is Rioja. Rioja is made from Tempranillo, Graciano and Mazuelo grapes and has a medium to full body, with flavours of red fruit, vanilla, and spices. The acidity and tannins in Rioja help to balance the flavours in tapas dishes and make for a great pairing.

When it comes to pairing red wine and tapas, it’s important to keep in mind that the wine should complement the food and vice versa. Avoid pairing a light-bodied red wine with a heavy tapas dish and avoid pairing a heavy red wine with a light tapas dish.

In conclusion, red wine and tapas are a perfect pairing. The bold and robust flavours of red wine complement the variety of flavours in tapas, making for a delicious and satisfying dining experience. Tempranillo and Rioja are two popular red wines that pair well with tapas, but any red wine with moderate acidity and tannins can also be a great choice.

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